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ewaghbo may the lord see us through...
TK Unongo posted a new blog entry NEF Respnose to SNPA.
Muhd Nazeer Sadi MU SHA DARIYA
wasu abokai uku suka tafi yawon
shakatawa kasar waje(Dubai),
suka sauka a wani Hotel mai bene hawa
sittin (60), aka saukesu a hawa na sittin.
Kullum a dokar hotel dín ana rufe lifter da
karfe sha daya (11:00pm) na dare.
saboda haka idan mutum yayi lattin
dawowa masaukinsa to saidai ya hau ta
matattakalar bene.
samarin nan suka fita yawo cikin gari, basu
dawo hotel dinnanba sai karfe 12:00am na
sukazo suka tarar da an rufe lifter. saboda
haka sai suka yanke shawarar su haw ta
matattakala, amma a rinka hawa ana bada
labarai don debe kewa.
sai sukayi tsarin cewa a hawa ashirin na
farko mutum daya daga ciki zai rika basu
labarai na tausayi.
A hawa ashirin na biyu, mutum na biyu zai
bada labarai na bandariya.
Sannan a hawa ashirin na ukun, mutum na
uku zai rika basu labarai na ban haushi.
Haka kuwa akayi. Bayan sunyi hawa na
arba'in, anzo kan mutum na uku wanda zai
bada labarai na ban haushi.
sai yace to labarin ban haushi da zan fara
badawa shine na manta da makulin
dakinmu a mota.....
In kana/Kina cikin Matasan nan to ya zaki/
zaka yi
eudora How come it's a number of males appear to have each of the good luck in relation to acquiring females?

Women are usually mental animals of course. They create choices dependent only upon feelings when it comes to relationship guys. They are often dating a complete chic on the other hand feelings are really powerful to the snazzy jerk that they can still stick with that will jerk.

Consequently, by simply building features that will interest the emotions of ladies, you can turn out to be in which person of these goals with out learning to be a cool. My spouse and i phone these kind of qualities - Alpha dog Man Traits.

Leader Guy Trait #1 -- Authentic Fascination with Ladies:http://www.lovingintimate.com/

Men and women usually confusing involving muscle spasms as well as alpha men. As a result, My goal is to obvious virtually any misunderstandings right here. Abdominal muscles specific distinction between a snazzy jerk and alpha men could be the method exactly how each and every treats his or her girl.

Muscle spasms handle females as though these are playthings to be waste time using and possess little or no respect for girls. They often times injure girls they also realize to complete cajole ladies. That is the means of just how cool getting unknown so because of this why some women tend to be attracted to fits.

Alpha dog the male is different; they will really really like ladies and hold the maximum admiration for women. This is exactly why alpha dog males don't injure women. They are doing stuff that are different from the normal men but you should females simultaneously.

Thus, end up being a great alpha male instead of a jerk.

Leader Men Characteristic #2 * Reveal the Leader

Alpha dog men're management and they also steer individuals. Management are usually people who motivate, motivate and earn important judgements. Leaders can also be individuals who were standing solid in times of threat as well as hardship and serve as a resource involving creativity for other people.

Just how can this applies to courting with females? Easy... for most relationships, a lady wants to be directed; the lady needs that you simply increase the risk for simplest choices sometimes. And this relates to where you can for dinner, entertaining etc. Females just do not like men that are generally wishy-washy and cannot make decisions.

Alpha dog Guy Feature #3 * Determine what You need

Determine what form of relationship you want can help to save considerable time and also. Alpha men determine what this individual desires as it can indicate another form of strategy. What's more, it increases the woman an improved period as she'll not have to invest some time as well as finding out what you look for.

Being unsure of what you need mail blended signs for the lady and you might come across as a new confused, pointless dude which in turn shows any 'beta' guy top quality. This isn't what you look for. Hence, before you even do anything whatsoever, figure out what you desire.

You don't have to certainly be a snazzy jerk in order to normally appeal to ladies. Bear in mind, females are emotive creatures of course. You have to deliver the correct psychological indicators to attract these people. Are you ready to be more desirable and still have a lot more women online dating an individual? Then, be the Alpha Men.
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NEF Respnose to SNPA


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60 Reasons I Won't Vote for Jonathan - Soyinka

By Sam AnokamCiting failure of leadership as his reason, Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, on Thursday said that he will neither vote nor encourage anyone to vote for the current administration.Soyinka made his position at the 2015 edition of the an [...]

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Fahmy Jailed Al Jazeera Reporter Renounces Egyptian Citizenship

Mohamed FahmyAccording to BBC, Fahmy  who hols dual Canadian-Egyptian citizenship renounced his Egyptian citizenship to secure his release.Mr Fahmy’s brother said the journalist, was told to give up his nationality or his freedom.However the s [...]

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Jonathan Wants Elections Postponed for 6 Months

-President Jonathan on New Year's Day Service Plans by President Goodluck Jonathan and his team to scuttle the general elections scheduled for February have come to light, with National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki openly calling for postponement of the [...]

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Presidential Debates Slated For Jan. 28 And Feb. 5—NEDG

Jonathan and Buhari, Jan. 2015, Abuja Nigerian Elections Debate Group (NEDG) announced earlier this week that the two 2015 presidential debates would be held on January 28th and February 5th. NEDG also said that one vice presidential debate will be held o [...]

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What to expect in 2015

Mark Thiessen/National GeographicThe souped-up Large Hadron Collider will resume its search for exotic particles.Particle smasherThe long wait is over: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will reboot in March after a two-year shutdown. The machine at CERN, Eu [...]

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